Wednesday, September 28, 2005

update on Madison and mom

Madison recieved her first piece of jewelry. A good family friend bought Madison a silver baby bracelet. It is so pretty and looks great on her. She went to the Dr on Monday, hasn't gained any weight but hasn't lost any either. The Dr also told them what to get for Maddies arms, since they are so dry. I took mom down to see her last Saturday, and there is another picture of grandma holding her grandaughter. There is also a picture of my "foster baby"  Dakota eating his candy bar he got for being good at the groomers. He was holding it just like a kid would lol. I had to take mom to the hospital Monday night/Tuesday morning due to her foot hurting.Then I took her to the Dr yesterday. There is an infection in it now and he gave her some antibiotics. She is in severe pain, I just wish there was something I could do to help take the pain away. I feel so helpless. I take her back to the Dr Thursday so he can look at it again. He said they may have to do surgery again, we are all hoping they don't, mom is scared to death to go back to that hospital again.School is going good for me, I have exams this week in all my classes, so I have been studying and working on them. I will update more when I have time.

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