Wednesday, September 7, 2005


wow it has been a wild weekend, Iwent to see mom Sat. morning and discovered the hospital overdosed her on morphine. She was totally out of it. No one called my brother and I which they should have due to the advanced directives and we have power of atterny over her medical. Mom was basically knocking on deaths door on Sat. On Sunday she was a little better and was sent to rehab,Monday afternoon she felt she was going to pass out and started getting chest pain, so they moved her again to the telematry unit. After they watched her overnight and decided she was ok, she was transfered back to the rehab on Tuesday. They are saying she should be able to come home Saturday morning now. My sister in laws contractions started back up again yesturday, and we thought we was going to get the call that she was on the way to the hospital last night  but it didn't happen, Hopefully today I will get the call, I can't wait to see Madison and spoil her rotton, although she is already spoiled. I went and bought her a few books and a pink stuffed animal I am sure is going to be  bigger than her when she finally arrives.

Tommorrow is the 1 year anniversay sinse my dad passed away, so I have been depressed about that. I went to the Dr yesturday and found out I lost 5 more pounds. I am slowly getting where I want to be. I talked to the Dr about things going on and he increased my anti depressant from 20 mg a day  to 40 mg a day. I just hope I am able to make it through all this without loosing my mind. I am worried about mom, excited about being an aunt and yet very upset my dad isn't here to see his first born grandchild, although I know he is with my children until the Lord calls me home.

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