Thursday, September 8, 2005

I Miss you Dad

it has been a year now since my dad passed away. I miss him so much. I woke up at 4 30 am,  the exact time my brother checked on dad then he came out and said " its over" I couldn't cry then, I had to stay strong for mom, but this morning while laying there the tears began to pour. I thought about everything that has happened the past year, and also about what dad would think, he is about to become a grandfather, something he was always looking forward to, seeing me back in school with only a few classes to go till I get my degree.Greg and I getting on our feet, I also think about what he would think and say as a result of other things that happened, like when the hospital overdosed mom on morphone,  or when the woman that lives above mom complained about the dog or what we heard her say to others about mom moving there. Mom has told me, when I lost our children, dad would sit on the edge of his bed and cry, I can only imagine how he would feel about the new grandchild from Jimmy and Denise, but I also know in my heart he is loking after my children until the Lord calls me home. Jimmy has said Madison was less active yesturday so we are thinking the time is close when she will make an appearance. I can't wait to see her,  to hold her, to kiss her, to spoil her, I can't wait to become an aunt. I want to tell her all about her grandfather and great grandmother. Greg and I was talking and when I get done school, we want to look into buying a house then we want to adopt. and I know just as dad picked out madison for jimmy,  he will hand pick a child for me.

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smokeylibralady1 said...

Sweet Roni
write to your dad and tell him all your wonderful feeling and thoughts you have of him....there is a time when the veil between this world and the next become very thin burn your messages to your dad and let smoke and wind carry your letters to your dad.....