Friday, September 2, 2005

update on mom

I just got off the phone with mom, she sounded a little better than earlier this morning. She is still in pain but is waiting on pharmasist to come up to increase her pain meds. I have work then school today, so I won't be able to see her till about 10 tonight which upsets me. I just wish I could take her pain away and make her feel better. I am definatly going to write a formal letter to the hospital to complain about the care she is getting. I am also going to write a letter to the editor to the newspaper. I am hoping with my letters, more people will come forward and complain about the level of care and concern they recieve while in the hospital. They are still talking about letting mom come home tommorrow morning or she will go in rehab for a while till she is able to care for herself.It doesn't matter to me cuz if she comes home, I will be glad to help care for her, at least I will know she is getting the basics, like a washcloth to wash her face and hands in the morning  and the ability to brush her teeth when she gets up.

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