Thursday, September 1, 2005

Moms Surgery

Mom had her surgery today. The Dr said everything went great. After I talked to the Dr I had to head to college then back down to the hospital. When I got back to the hospital, mom was in severe pain. I went and told the nurse about it  and her attitude totally sucked and basically said " Oh well". I went down and complained to the hospitals nursing supervisor,  by the time I got back upstairs, someone was in her room and increased her medication. I am so pissed off at that hospital, they are not there for the patients  but only the paycheck. On a brighter note, Denise comes off her meds on Sunday and the Dr told her we should have a baby next week sometime. I am so excited. I can't wait to see and hold little Madison. I saw my brother tonight and asked him about the middle name  he just smiled and said they didn't know yet. I guess they want to have something to surprise the grandparents, the aunt and uncle among all the other family about her middle name. I just hope she isn't born on the 8th. the anniversary of dads death. I will keep you all posted 

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