Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Baby shower for my brother and sister in law

They had a baby shower for my sister in law and brother on August 21, 2005. It was wonderful. They got a lot of nice things for Madison. I am so happy for them and can't wait to become an aunt. Here are a few pictures from the shower.


rednckwoman67 said...

I think you are a wonderful and i wish you all the best in life..and good luck to your brother and his family.


nmybubbles said...

Well personally from a grandmothers point of view w/all due respect to the expectant mother..not that I'm partial or anything being one I think there should have more more pics of the happy grandmother ..father 2 "B"..instead of the bearing mother...because people just don't realize the excitement to "B"shared w/others ..having the experience of being proud of your children givin us such a joy and very much a life remembering experience also..presenting us w/god's gift to carry on...the family's heritage and name...the hearfelt warmth is just unexplainable....and definitely to carry w/us to everlasting life..way beyond god's earth...The joy and estactic emotions the will endeavor throughout theyre growing years.is definitely the most wondeful gift to ever recieve way beyond the materialistic gifts you may ever recieve..So my comment I cherish to give to you and the upcoming grandma and father and yourself also is this is the most valuable gift I have  ever recieved and given way beyond billions and billions of dollars...of value,,,and the most exillerating and precious experience to "B" everlasting in my heart...My best wishes to "you' and your "mom" and" brother"to have the experience of gods most precious gift..I commend you all for a beautiful reception..that will "B" remembered believe me forever..and the fullment it will give you once she is born is definitely ..and the title you can proclaim forever..auntie Roni..and your Mom will "B"given just joy that is estactically wonderful....and precious....Sincerly...A "VERY" Proud Mamaw....Norma